Excursions to the turtle beaches

Boa Vista is the second most important site in the Atlantic Ocean for the reproduction and egg-laying of loggerhead turtles. Between July and January you’ll be able to take an excursion to see from close how these beautiful animals drag themselves out of the water and dig deep holes where they lay their eggs. Normally, these trips are at night, when the turtles’ activity and the chances of seeing them are greater.

On the beach of Ervatao there is a conservation centre where you can obtain information on the habits of this species and the efforts that are being made to ensure their survival.

Windsurf and Kitesurf

Cape Verde is one of the most important destinations in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing fans. The beach of Estoril, with constant winds is an ideal spot to practise them. In the Hotel Estoril we will recommend the best school (GoExplo Kitesurf School Boa Vista) in the area, where you can take lessons if you are a beginner or simply hire material if you prefer to go your own way.

Quad excursions

This is a perfect and fun way of discovering this island, which has an abundance of unmade roads and large dunes.
From Sal Rei, a few kilometres to the north of your RIU hotel, excursions leave to different points of interest along the coast and in the interior of the island. The first one runs along the bay of Estoril, passing through some spectacular dunes, until reaching Provoaçao Vella, the oldest town in Boa Vista. Afterwards, you come to the magnificent beaches of Curalinho and Varandinha, both of them unspoilt and with beautiful scenery.

The second one leads to the peaceful village of Rabil, via the “Boa Vista Sahara”: a small desert in the heart of the island, with palm trees that grow amidst the huge dunes. The excursion ends on the beautiful beach of Santa María, where the imposing remains of a Spanish ship that was wrecked here in 1968 lie. Before returning, don’t forget to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of this beautiful stretch of sand.


Fish and seafood: Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying “langostada”. As its name indicates, it is comprised of delicious lobsters (‘lagosta’ in Portuguese) that can be prepared in several different ways: grilled, steamed or with a sauce. There is also an abundance of tuna, octopus, skate and several species of eels.

Cachupa: The most representative dish of Cape Verdean cuisine is made using tuna or marinated pork, corn, beans, carrots, tomatoes and spices. This delicacy takes a long time to prepare but when you try it, you will understand just why it is so highly prized here.

Grogue: Eau-de-vie made using cane sugar, coffee, mint, lime and cinnamon. Do as the locals: sit on a terrace facing the sea, relax and try this delicious Cape Verdean drink.


The ceramics of the village of Rabil are the greatest exponent of craftsmanship in Boa Vista. Here all kinds of containers, tiles and colourful mosaics are made, all of which can make a great souvenir of this beautiful island.